Hope Embodied

David Richardson
April 14, 2023

It was said of me, “the defendant will always pose a threat to society

And to release him in 200 years would be too soon.”

But if I was to get out of prison right this very moment,

I’ll mess around and be the first convicted felon on the moon.

I’ma mess around and be the mayor of Memphis one day,

Get close enough and you gon’ mess around and get inspired.

It’s my hope that you can feel my passion bleeding through

Because when it’s all said and done, I’ma mess around and get a Nobel prize.

See, I found something that everyone needs, but only few have obtained

‘What’s that?’ you ask, oh that just something called belief in myself.

And with hope in my heart that you obtain the exact same thing

I’m like a leaking dam ‘bout to explode, I’m just releasing myself.

(because) I remember having low self-esteem ‘cus of the teeth in my mouth

(and) I remember being the slow kid that was somehow decent in math

(and) I remember feeling suicidal trying to figure it out

But now I’m succeeding doing things I wasn’t even dreaming about.

Now I’m working with professors teaching them how to connect to the youth

And tailor education so that it’s suited for you

And seeing established people respecting my point of view

And it all started with someone saying, “Lil bruh, I believe in you.”

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