Lilly Rogers
April 14, 2023

the corset synches too tightly around my torso

but you don’t notice.

and I don’t comment.

you pull the strings with grace, a fallacy, and

because I am deceptively malleable (as I like to be)

I feel my ribs cracking and the breath leaving my body and

I hear the silence of my eyes and fragmented beat of my heart

and I feel fine.

I see myself shrink as I look in the towering, gold full length mirror

you fit perfectly behind my back

I have to remind myself you haven’t left yet

each time I do, I have the urge to run

But I have always been desperate

your hands brush against the small of my back

bare skin meets it’s illusionist lover

I don’t like the way your touch feels

I lean into it

But you pull the strings one last time and tie a bow

like your father always did.

And I smile into the wall

Like my mother taught me to

I think I am glad I am not damaged to you

I smile into the wall

You admire the delicate femininity holding my torso together

and loop your hands around your reflection

holding me together for a few moments more

Until you go home

and I go to sleep

and dream of your silk and my blood.

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